Workstation Melbourne Endurance Pro Oak

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High cabinet 90 with double doors Endurance Pro

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4 drawer tool storage cabinet Endurance Pro × 2

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2 door storage cabinet Endurance Pro × 2

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Rubbish bin cabinet with paper roll holder Endurance Pro

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Corner cabinet with shelf Endurance Pro

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Wall cabinet with lift up door Endurance Pro × 5

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Corner wall cabinet open Endurance Pro

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Perforated backpanel kit with power outlet Endurance Pro

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Perforated backpanel kit Endurance Pro × 4

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Perforated corner backpanel kit Endurance Pro × 2

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Double cabinet Oak worktop 1.36m Endurance Pro

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Triple cabinet Oak worktop 2.04m Endurance Pro

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Corner cabinet Oak worktop Endurance Pro

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Dimensions (LxWxH)

239 × 398.5 × 196.5 cm











Depth worktop

65 cm

Length worktop

204 cm

Thickness worktop

3,6 cm

Load capacity per drawer

100 kg

Load capacity per shelf

50 kg

All product specifications

Quintessentially Kraftmeister

The Endurance Pro series is our flagship modular workshop solution. Designed specifically to be the best in its class by wielding extensive work space, high capacity drawers, integrated lighting and an abundance of storage space.
With its outstanding design, striking looks and superior build quality our Endurance pro series will provide users with peace of mind by creating a great looking work area whilst improving productivity

Versatile and robust

Textured black ‘heavy duty’ powdercoating protects against corrosion or surface scratches whilst improving structural strength. Anodized aluminium handles add a luxurious finish to the all-black cabinets and a choice of solid Oak or thick Stainless steel worktops allow installation in many different branches of industry.
Due to the plug and play modular framework design, placement has been simplified by only requiring a nut and bolt assembly for all of the cabinets and tool panels to ensure fast and easy installation in small or large areas.