Workstation Georgia Greyline Stainless Steel

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Art. nr. KR8516200RVS

High cabinet 60 with single door

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5 drawer tool storage cabinet

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5 drawer mobile tool trolley

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2 door storage cabinet

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Triple cabinet stainless steel worktop

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Wall cabinet with lift up door × 3

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Perforated backpanel × 3

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Backpanel connector × 3

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Backpanel side connector

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Dimensions (LxWxH)

264 × 46 × 200 cm










Stainless steel

Thickness worktop

3,6 cm

Length worktop

204 cm

Depth worktop

46 cm

Load capacity per drawer

40 kg

Load capacity per shelf

40 kg

All product specifications

A prime choice

Our Greyline modular workshop series is the ideal solution for users that require a budget friendly quality storage solution which is suitable for private and professional applications.
This series offers a wide selection of cabinets providing organized storage capability for tools as well as large spacious storage cabinets for keeping your work environment tidy. Our lower cabinet with bin and paper roll holder prevents your workspace from having unhandy or bulky bins or paper dispensers around your working area whilst adding sufficient integrated drawer space for cleaning products.
The robust and self-supporting frame construction allows cabinets to be used as a singular item or combined. Adding a choice of Multiplex (plywood) or Stainless Steel worktop available in different lengths, you can be certain our Greyline series will cater for any type of application or industry where a workstation must withstand tough working conditions.

Quintessentially Kraftmeister

Our modular workshop cabinets can be outfitted with any other products within their own series. This provides total control over adding, removing or even swapping cabinets and worktops to your own specifications when and how you want. If you simply want to expand or decrease your existing configuration or if you want to replace the worktop, anything is possible.
Require hand tools whilst keeping them organized? Make your workstation complete with our foam inlays which are fully compatible with our modular drawer cabinets.