Titanium Pro Workbench 200 MDF 12

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6 drawer Tool cabinet Titanium Pro × 2

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Red support shelf Small 2m Titanium Pro

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MDF worktop 2m Titanium Pro

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Dimensions (LxWxH)

200 × 70 × 98 cm






Black / Red



Depth worktop

70 cm

Length worktop

200 cm

Thickness worktop

4 cm

Workbench carrying capacity

1500 kg

Load capacity per shelf

20 kg

All product specifications

The best in its class

Our Titanium pro workbenches are some of the toughest modular workbenches on the market capable of enduring the harshest work environments with ease. Constructed with high grade quality steel, textured black powder coating finish and heavy duty MDF, Oak or even Stainless steel worktops.

Impeccable quality

With the possibility to change, expand or replace components and cabinets easily, the Titanium pro series is a unique product allowing users to customize their setup to their own practical needs whenever they wish. You can combine up to three of our rock solid cabinets and a worktop from our Titanium pro range. This allows secure storage to be created without sacrificing any further work space.