New, the Kraftmeister Endurance Pro Series

Kraftmeister exclusively offers the new Endurance Pro series for modular workstation configurations. The products from this series are luxuriously finished down to the smallest details and very suitable for professional use. For example, they are often used in the automotive industry. From the design phase to the end product, the creation of optimal user-friendliness has been central. A worktop with a depth of 65 cm makes this series unique. The name ‘Endurance’ says it all: these workstations are made to last a very long time.

The products from the Endurance series are very robust and have a sleek, timeless design. The matt black colour gives them a luxurious look. All wall units have standard, built-in LED lighting. The drawer cabinets are equipped with very high-quality double guides and therefore have a load capacity of up to 100 kg per drawer.

Posted 18 February 2019