Further development of the Kraftmeister Endurance Pro line

By continuous research and determining the needs required by technical professionals in the market, we have obtained new insights and applied them to the new products of the robust Kraftmeister Endurance Pro series. This expansion of products consists of medium height storage cabinets and tool panels.

The Endurance workstation design can now be adapted to even more locations whereby space and height is limited. For instance, installing a workstation in a room with sloping walls or many windows has its complications but will be easily conquered with the help of our new product expansion.

These products will also allow multiple workstations in environments where you would place them in the center of the workshop or maintenance space, allowing either multiple rows or mirrored placement whilst still being able to have significant view. A great example would be an airport maintenance hangar.

The medium height workshop cabinets can be fitted with a strong stainless steel or solid oak worktop for optimum use of work surface. The cabinets have a height of 130 cm excluding the worktop. The corresponding tool panels are, like our regular panels, available with or without power sockets and switch.

As always, our new Endurance Pro series product are of solid build quality, beautifully finished and equipped with matte black powder coating for that extra sleek look.

Posted 28 February 2020