Innovation plays a large role at Kraftmeister. We apply a certain quality standard that we can only meet if we integrate innovation as a circular method in our entire business process. Because of this, we are constantly raising the quality bar in every area.

In the area of product innovation, we are always exploring ways to extend our range and add value for the end user. From the drawing board to the final product, quality and user-friendliness are central. In this way we ensure that our products are suitable not only for private, but primarily for professional and industrial use.

To keep our ‘environmental footprint’  as small l as possible, our logistical processes are organized as efficiently as possible. In part thanks to good warehouse management, there are always a large number of products in stock without creating a stock surplus. Furthermore, much of our packaging material is reused whenever possible. At Kraftmeister we are constantly exploring ways to efficiently reduce our environmental impact.