Wardrobe locker cabinets all have a handy clothing rod where you can hang your jacket, sweater etc. All cabinets have a cylinder lock with 2 matching keys and there are motherkeys available in case of emergencies. These cabinets are available in several different colours and measurements so you can choose which one fits your office, dressing room or clothing room.

These cabinets are a value for money. Good quality for a good price. We use these cabinets in the dressing room so the empolyees can change into their workclothes and store their values. Also the motherkey is very usefull. If someone losses their key, we can alway enter the locker.

The wardrobe locker cabinets are part of the Storage Serie locker cabinets. All cabinets in this serie are made of good quality and are for daily use.


  • Available colours: Grey, Red, Blue
  • Clothing rod inside: Yes
  • Available with how many doors: 3 doors, 6 doors or 8 doors